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Service and repair contracts for autoclaves across South East England

Have you recently bought a new autoclave and you're looking for somebody you can trust to ensure that your machine stays in good working order, with break down cover you can count on?


Autoclave Service & Repairs Ltd has exactly what you've been looking for. Whether you want annual services or service visits a few times a year, we offer a plan to suit everyone, giving you peace of mind.


Our service contacts are annual with services visits every 6 months and you will receive all necessary validation certificates and documentation.

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Looking for a new autoclave for your business?

Our top quality autoclaves come from Sterling Sterilisers, leading manufacturers of sophisticated small steam sterilisers. They are compact and reliable machines designed to work quickly whilst being easy to use. For more information on the autoclaves available please contact us today.

To ensure your equipment is at the standard you need it, call on

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Autoclave Service & Repairs Ltd can offer you:

• Annual service contracts

• Autoclave servicing and validation certificates

• A range of service contracts to suit you

• 6 monthly service visits

• Break down cover

• Equipment only lease from £67.00 per month over 5 years, no maintenance included.

Autoclave service contracts are offered on the following machines:

Type - N

S.E.S. 2000

S.E.S. Little Sisters


Type - S

Aquatic 4 & 12


Statim 2000s


Statim 5000s


Type - B

Aquatic 12B

To find out more about autoclaves rental, servicing and our repair service contact us today for more information.

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